Legal Wood

IFURA supports responsible purchasing of legal and acceptable timber products by supplying verified legal timber that has been certified against the CertiSource timber legality standard.

CertiSource is a timber legality system operating against the highest international standards using an independent ISO accredited Certification Body to carry out an audit of timber legality against the Certisource Standards, policies and procedures (the ‘CertiSource Legality Verification System’).

Our Merbau woods receive certification from CertiSource following the independent audit of the legality of the timber exported from IFURA.

The CertiSource Indonesia standard is gaining increasing global recognition, confirming its strength and credibility. CertiSource-Indonesia Legal Timber was admitted to the Keurhout-Legal System in 2010, receiving Grade 1 Legal status. Keurhout participant companies importing CertiSource Verified Legal Timber from Indonesia can brand their product with the Keurhout-Legal label.

The New Zealand Government also recognised CertiSource soon after the Keurhout admission and the system was included in a brochure and campaign to encourage responsible purchasing practices by the NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The Ministry described the CertiSource system as one which could “provide peace of mind when buying imported tropical timber”.