PT. Indo Furnitama Raya, manufacturer of woodworking and plywood products.


For over Twenty years, IFURA has consistently delivered outstanding woodworking product with excellent performance benefiting our customers, our investors, our employees, our partners and the communities as well as the forest in which we operate.

Now we are entering into our third generation of family ownership, IFURA is a leader in wholesale international wood products manufacturing, processing, & transportation, serving customers and suppliers in over 5 continents. Since first established at 1924, we evolve continuously and grow our reputation for craftmanship, experience, reliability, value and responsibility of our earth’s natural resources.

You can feel confident in doing business with IFURA, knowing that we are proven to what we are stating and we are dedicated to the highest standards for ourselves and for you. We grow together. We promise ourselves that we will maintain and evolve our traditions, invest in each other, and remain active in each seeking new opportunities to enhance both our business and our customer’s. By maintaining diversity in our people here in Pasuruan, Indonesia and in our business lines, we will maintain the financial strength to fulfill these promises. IFURA will be one of your oldest company but always the one doing new things.

Let’s talk to us about new trends in the wood working and wood manufacturing.


IFURA is committed to forest sustainability by using only legal registered woods.
Wood is a material we treat with the utmost respect, and wood deserves to age with dignity. That’s why we put our biggest investment at quality sourcing, with the legal wood harvesting license and the formal forest management rights from Indonesian government.

In order to maintain continuous supply of sustainable source, IFURA has made partnership with two concessions in Papua. One concession in West Papua province, PT. Asco Prima Nusantara, has about 171,270 ha area. And the other concession in Papua province, PT. Papua Hutan Lestari Makmur, has about 103,510 ha area.

Beside concessions, IFURA also has several legal sourcing in Java. We ensure all of our suppliers declare and maintain sustainable and legal sourcing, which allows IFURA to deliver its best products to customer.


IFURA to be the best wood working & manufacturing factory company in the world, promoting the use of legal and sustainable wood as commitment of environment responsibility. We promise our customers a long lasting relationships with value through experience, integrity, and hard work on their behalf.


The fundamental purpose of IFURA is to profitably help our customers but still preserving the forest through a sustainable process by using only the legal woods from Indonesia. IFURA’s will maintain the culture of art and crafts, but open towards new trends and technologies to develop new creations and ignite creativity.


Wood has been our living and growing source, wood is a commodity as well as an experience, a testament of time, with details and characteristics, stimulating our senses, and giving us a sense of quality of life. We respect wood as we respect nature, therefore we continue to promote responsible wood manufacturing to balance the nature.